Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring Break Tourists

Spring break has come and gone. We packed in as much as we could by being tourists. As we said in our last letter, we bought the Mile High Cultural Pass. The pass we chose had 7 museums options. We made it to 5 of the 7.

Colorado History Center - We saw this place on Monday. We looked at all 4 floors. The boys really liked the ski jump exhibit because they could practice doing a ski jump. We learned about where we live and the history of Colorado. At one station you could put your face into a student at the 1890s school. 
Some of the displays talked about the future with water and population growth. We spent all day there.

Denver Zoo - Both boys wanted to go to the zoo. They were really excited. We met new friends at the zoo and looked at all the animals then rode the carousel and the train.

They had a lot of fun looking at the animals. We remembered to bring Flat Stanley with us this day.
He enjoyed the zoo as well.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science - In the afternoon after the zoo, we went to one of the boys' favorite place. This time we did the Expedition Health which teaches about how a team prepared to climb a 14 footer and what the body does at a higher elevation. Later we watch a show at the Planetarium and ended the day watching Dream Big at the IMAX.

Denver Botanic Gardens - On Wednesday we started in the garden.
Some things were in bloom, and the grass was starting to green. One of our favorite things to see were the koi fish.

They have a great education center in a pyramid.
Denver Art Museum - The day ended with Star Wars Costume exhibit. The boys were OVER THE MOON excited to see the costumes.

We spent over an 1 1/2 hours in the exhibit. The boys listened to every audio prompt. They loved the costumes. After the display, we went and saw art from Monet, Japanese 80s clothing construction, and art displays from Asia.

Each day we left each museum when it closed.

The next day we packed to go to Estes Park which is next to Rocky Mountain National Park.
We went to discover a new area of Colorado. Before leaving Denver, we headed over to Fractured Prune. The boys picked their own doughnut and toppings.

 Over the course of the weekend, we climbed mountains,
played in the snow,
sat in the hot tub, rode bicycles, and enjoyed each other's company. The boys (of course) completed their Junior Ranger badge.
While we were there, I watched the LDS General Woman's session.
The next week Hurricane returned to school while Underfoot had another week of spring break. We didn't do really anything that fun except build menus, clean house, do the laundry, and read books.

Hurricane was tested for his hearing.
The curve looks the same. The new doctor said that once he gets the old records we may not need to return for 5 years!

The one REALLY EXCITING news was that Underfoot will be attending the same school next fall as Hurricane!!!!! This has been a hard year for the boys being at separate schools. We are really grateful for this news.

This past weekend we watch LDS General Conference and learned about building faith in God.

Be Well!


 Denver Botanic Gardens - Tropical House

  Denver Botanic Gardens - Pond Area

  Denver Botanic Gardens - Signs of Spring

  Denver Botanic Gardens - Japanese Garden

Denver Art Museum - Star Wars Costume Exhibit - Light Saber Display
Denver Art Museum - Star Wars Costume Exhibit -Jango Fett

Denver Art Museum - Star Wars Costume Exhibit - Rey and Finn

Denver Art Museum - Star Wars Costume Exhibit -Darth Vadar

Denver Art Museum - Star Wars Costume Exhibit -Yoda

Denver Art Museum - Star Wars Costume Exhibit -Yoda

Denver Art Museum - Victory Celebration, 1919, Sir Claude Francis Barry
We learned of the bombing in London on March 22
and came upon this painting.

Rocky Mountain National Park - Long's Peak

 Rocky Mountain National Park - Snow on the Trail to Gem Lake

 Rocky Mountain National Park - Hike to Gem Lake

 Rocky Mountain National Park - Gem Lake
  Rocky Mountain National Park - Hike to Gem Lake
Rocky Mountain National Park - Sprague Lake 

Rocky Mountain National Park - Sprague Lake 

  Rocky Mountain National Park - Bear Lake

 Estes Park - Stanley with a Stanley Steamer

  Estes Park - Stanley Steamer

Estes Park - Stanley with F. O. Stanley
The Shining and parts of Dumb and Dumber were filmed here.

Home - Tulip Beginnings

Home - Tulip Beginnings

Home - A Common Visitor

 General Conference Thought

General Conference treat was created by Hurricane.
He made a treasure hunt to find them.

We found a rug!
This space is now defined!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Birthday, Work Progress, and Paint

Sweetheart writes:

How the weeks fly by! I cannot remember everything that has happened since we wrote last. I'll just try to do a few highlights.

Last week at work I had an idea for a new project. My boss liked the idea and he helped me write a one page proposal. It was funded within 48 hours and I have already ordered the hardware for my new project. The project is small, but it's great to have my own little program. This sort of thing would never have occurred at Raytheon.

A few weeks ago we went to a nursery to learn about what grows in here in Colorado. I was sad to learn that the only cherries we can grow are sour-pie cherries. I was hoping for sweet cherries. We can grow strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. We assembled our garden beds on Saturday. We're excited to start growing things here.

 We finally ALL got into our hot tub. We've only been here 6 months. The hot tub is about 10 years old but everything works. We drained the water (it took all day!) and refilled it. We hope to enjoy it in the coming year.

 Underfoot participated in the Pine Wood Derby. He took third overall.
He researched and designed the car, and we worked on it together.
He's not competitive at all. ;)
His overall time was 222, which is the same number as our Grandpa Kirkham's LCI during WWII. We like the reminder that we have family rooting for us in the next life! Many thank to Craig Earls who shared his tools and expertise. We miss our Tucson friends.

I've started reading the Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy to Underfoot and Hurricane. At first they weren't very interested, but now everything they build out of Legos seems to be a submarine. It's been fun for me to read it to them. It is one of my favorite books.

Hurricane's baptism is going to be held on Saturday, May 27th. We are excited to host family and friends for that special event.

Wendy writes about Underfoot:

We only have 1 person in our house that is still in the single digits for age.
Last Day as a Single Digit
Underfoot celebrated his birthday!
He asked for a Lego cake. He wanted either a Lego head or a whole Lego man. I got to choose which cake. I also decided to try making and using fondant.
It turned out okay. Underfoot was surprised and liked his cake.
We missed our Tucson friends because they couldn't come help us eat the cake. We invited new friends to come and eat it. Sweetheart took the rest of the cake to work the next day, and it was gone.

Underfoot performed in his first orchestra concert.
He went to a practice with 6 other elementary schools. He really had fun and said he wanted to be in the high school orchestra.

A few weeks ago I got a call from the school saying that they suspected that Underfoot had a concussion. We took him to the doctor, and it was confirmed.
He spent 2 days home and was on academic and recreational restriction by the school for 2 weeks. He spent time sleeping.
We made cookies. Underfoot hid them in his bed for easy access.
The hardest was he couldn't read. He had no screen time. He's better now.

Now something else besides Underfoot....

We painted 1 1/2 bathrooms. YAY! The boys were so happy the purple bathroom is a different color.
After - Print from Grandpa Hoggan. Two Grandpas were Navy men.
When we showed them pictures of our house, they said that the color needed to change.
Funny boys. There isn't much that is girly around here.

We had a surprise visit from my parents.
They flew into Denver on a layover. We went out to the airport and talked with them for an hour! What a great blessing!

We've attended 2 free food events. IHOP hosted a free stack of pancakes day.
It was the perfect after school snack. Today was Dairy Queen's free cone day. We are so happy the DQ here participates because we would miss it from Tucson.
The reality is that after we ate our cones we were cold here.

Spring break has begun, and we got the Mile High Cultural Pass. It has 7 museums. We hope to see at least 5 of the 7. Today we went to the Colorado History Center. We had hoped to go to the Denver Mint but must get in line by 7 am to get a ticket into a tour.
On our way home we saw this telephone booth. I had to explain it to the boys.

Be Well!

I finished my photo class. 
This was the final assignment picture.

Before they devoured their pancakes.

The top of the Lego cake was what made it okay.
Plus there was a bunch of powdered sugar.

Another piƱata similar to last year.

The cake turned out pretty.
Why not have pictures of 2 cakes?