Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Picture Letter

So..... We haven't really written in a while. It isn't because disaster struck. We've not been facing a sickness or a plague. We haven't really any reason at all expect just not sitting down and writing.

The quickest way (and briefest) might be through a picture story. Picture books are always fun and so many less words.

Week 33 since leaving Tucson....

We camped in the backyard. Sweetheart came home later than he planned. 
After some convincing, we set the tent up in the backyard and slept there. 

Underfoot completed a requirement for Webelos by cooking a meal without
using pots and pans. A great first attempt at camping in the wild here.

Sweetheart and I had a date the next night at the temple.
The sight was beautiful enough to snap a picture.

Week 34
This guy couldn't sleep one night.
Sweetheart was super tired, and I was buzzy.
The compromise was that Hurricane would cuddle with me.
We both ended up in the marvelous green chair for the night.

I had bought snacks for spring break - a lot of snacks.
They had all gone missing. 
The mystery was solved when a "tool" was required.

My brother, Scott, took a picture of my Idaho home.
The setting was perfect!
That evening we had attended a musical concert for Easter.
The music was lovely.

Week 35

Easter morning dawned, and the boys donned buckets.
They were following the example of their cousin, Chucho.
Chucho wore his bucket too.

We were invited to the DeMonbrun home for Easter supper.
The 2 bunnies joined us - 1 chocolate and 1 vanilla.
They were scrumptious and doubled as a birthday cake.

Happy Easter!
The boys were willing to let me choose their clothes.

Hurricane made a kite in his math class.
The intent was to see how different sizes did better.
The kite was used at home briefly.

The ground warmed enough to let these blossoms start.
The daffodil was just ready to unfold.

The tulip's color was gentle and exquiste.

For whatever reason, there was no school.
The boys did their Mommy Homework.
By the way, I love that they each have their own desks.

Later that morning, we went for a bike ride.
An 8 mile bike ride merited us a few new lessons.

Our boys have grown so much that they both are in want of bigger bikes.
They did get a new bike on Week 38
via Craig's List and a brother's generosity.
Their legs and bodies have grown since they got bike 3 1/2 years ago.

Hurricane had his picture taken for his coming birthday.
He dressed in nice clothes.

We took the nice clothes picture for his baptism invitation.
He wants to be baptized.

 The other part of this next birthday is he will be a Cub Scout.
He is very happy to start this new journey.

 A close up.

The funny part of this is that we made up his invitations.
I proofread the text. Sweetheart proofread it
We forgot to put the time of the baptism on the invite.
Hurricane said it was okay 
because he really wanted the Cub Scout picture to go out instead. 
So we made a correction using his Cub Scout picture,
reprinted, and have added the time.

Underfoot kept trying to photo bomb the pictures.
The photographer finally asked
if he just wanted a picture with his brother.
It is the best ever.

The front yard tree was PRUNED. We took off 5 major branches.
The boys stayed with us for the entire job.
No one took off, hide, or whined!
Biggest and greatest blessing in the world
that everyone worked until the job was done!
The pruning impressed a neighbor so much they spoke to us.

Week 36
A gift of popcorn was given on the cob.
We microwaved the cob up and got a delicious snack!
Thanks Kirky and Jilli for the FUN treat!

Underfoot participated in a school fundraiser.
The teacher took pictures of before and after,
but since I don't have every child's parents' permission to post it, 
I won't.
Since he will be attending a new school next year,
he didn't fund raise.
He has had temporary maternity leave substitute.
She volunteered to support him.
He's one lucky boy!

Mornings are always fun. 
There is always someone who doesn't want to get up.
It isn't usually the boy in the middle.
This day was Hurricane's first field trip.
He went to the zoo.

More flowers made their appearance.
In the morning, we had lovely weather.

I like the two-toned tulip.
Stay two-toned tulip ten times fast.

By the evening the weather changed to snow.
A heavy, wet snow that weighted down the tree branches.

That evening the boys participate in their piano recital.
They played a duet - Beethoven's 5th Symphony.
Hurricane played the theme from Star Wars.
Underfoot played The Entertainer.
They memorized all their music.

The next day the snow continued.
The table in the backyard was filled. 
We are sure there was more than 6 inches.
It may have been more.
This was also Arbor Day.
The city gave away free trees.
We got 2. We will plant later.

The snow was so wet and heavy that the shade tent collapsed.
On the Saturday following, Hurricane and I took down the shade tent
while Underfoot and Sweetheart got a new bike for Underfoot.
It was a surprise. We now have a lot more light in our family room.

Week 37
Hurricane had to build a bridge for a school project.
He asked Sweetheart to help him.
This is the creation.

Underfoot wanted in on the action too.
Underfoot got in on only the picture.
The picture was taken before it was to be turned.
The project was done 10 days early!

Underfoot got his first Webelos pin.
He was thrilled!

May the Fourth Be With You!
We had our fun meal with each of us having Han Solo in Carbonite.
The boys chose that he should have a different costume for each one.
 The other costumes don't follow the story line.
They were just happy to know they have enough Han Solo Lego guys.

Underfoot went on a field trip.
He took his camera, but the pictures are still on it.
He went and learned about State History.

I worked on the bathroom and bedroom with paint.
We are hoping to have the Master bathroom shower
enclosed by Hurricane's birthday.

We have been living in a big of chaos.

 We continued on our quest of pruning.
If you notice that the corner tree isn't so tall anymore.
It will eventually come all the way out
and be replaced with a peach tree.

The maple tree was planted a little TOO close the house.
The branches have started to touch our roof.
Sweetheart's tree chipper got new blades, 
and we chipped as he trimmed.

Week 38
Sweetheart went and visited his parents.
He also went to a conference for work in California.
Underfoot had a cold. He shared with me. 
The boys also slept in our room.

We attended a luau. 
Vacations for Veterans was hosting a night 
to recognize the Vets they were sponsoring this year.
The leis were a lot of fun!

The organizer let the boys pick the numbers for some of the raffle items.

They were even given the microphone.

This was our date this week.

Week 39

Mother's Day was special.
The boys prepared a song for me.
Hurricane sang. Underfoot played the violin.
We took pictures.

This is our goofy picture.

We all look startled in this picture.
We hope that the picture book was fun. 

Be Well!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring Break Tourists

Spring break has come and gone. We packed in as much as we could by being tourists. As we said in our last letter, we bought the Mile High Cultural Pass. The pass we chose had 7 museums options. We made it to 5 of the 7.

Colorado History Center - We saw this place on Monday. We looked at all 4 floors. The boys really liked the ski jump exhibit because they could practice doing a ski jump. We learned about where we live and the history of Colorado. At one station you could put your face into a student at the 1890s school. 
Some of the displays talked about the future with water and population growth. We spent all day there.

Denver Zoo - Both boys wanted to go to the zoo. They were really excited. We met new friends at the zoo and looked at all the animals then rode the carousel and the train.

They had a lot of fun looking at the animals. We remembered to bring Flat Stanley with us this day.
He enjoyed the zoo as well.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science - In the afternoon after the zoo, we went to one of the boys' favorite place. This time we did the Expedition Health which teaches about how a team prepared to climb a 14 footer and what the body does at a higher elevation. Later we watch a show at the Planetarium and ended the day watching Dream Big at the IMAX.

Denver Botanic Gardens - On Wednesday we started in the garden.
Some things were in bloom, and the grass was starting to green. One of our favorite things to see were the koi fish.

They have a great education center in a pyramid.
Denver Art Museum - The day ended with Star Wars Costume exhibit. The boys were OVER THE MOON excited to see the costumes.

We spent over an 1 1/2 hours in the exhibit. The boys listened to every audio prompt. They loved the costumes. After the display, we went and saw art from Monet, Japanese 80s clothing construction, and art displays from Asia.

Each day we left each museum when it closed.

The next day we packed to go to Estes Park which is next to Rocky Mountain National Park.
We went to discover a new area of Colorado. Before leaving Denver, we headed over to Fractured Prune. The boys picked their own doughnut and toppings.

 Over the course of the weekend, we climbed mountains,
played in the snow,
sat in the hot tub, rode bicycles, and enjoyed each other's company. The boys (of course) completed their Junior Ranger badge.
While we were there, I watched the LDS General Woman's session.
The next week Hurricane returned to school while Underfoot had another week of spring break. We didn't do really anything that fun except build menus, clean house, do the laundry, and read books.

Hurricane was tested for his hearing.
The curve looks the same. The new doctor said that once he gets the old records we may not need to return for 5 years!

The one REALLY EXCITING news was that Underfoot will be attending the same school next fall as Hurricane!!!!! This has been a hard year for the boys being at separate schools. We are really grateful for this news.

This past weekend we watch LDS General Conference and learned about building faith in God.

Be Well!


 Denver Botanic Gardens - Tropical House

  Denver Botanic Gardens - Pond Area

  Denver Botanic Gardens - Signs of Spring

  Denver Botanic Gardens - Japanese Garden

Denver Art Museum - Star Wars Costume Exhibit - Light Saber Display
Denver Art Museum - Star Wars Costume Exhibit -Jango Fett

Denver Art Museum - Star Wars Costume Exhibit - Rey and Finn

Denver Art Museum - Star Wars Costume Exhibit -Darth Vadar

Denver Art Museum - Star Wars Costume Exhibit -Yoda

Denver Art Museum - Star Wars Costume Exhibit -Yoda

Denver Art Museum - Victory Celebration, 1919, Sir Claude Francis Barry
We learned of the bombing in London on March 22
and came upon this painting.

Rocky Mountain National Park - Long's Peak

 Rocky Mountain National Park - Snow on the Trail to Gem Lake

 Rocky Mountain National Park - Hike to Gem Lake

 Rocky Mountain National Park - Gem Lake
  Rocky Mountain National Park - Hike to Gem Lake
Rocky Mountain National Park - Sprague Lake 

Rocky Mountain National Park - Sprague Lake 

  Rocky Mountain National Park - Bear Lake

 Estes Park - Stanley with a Stanley Steamer

  Estes Park - Stanley Steamer

Estes Park - Stanley with F. O. Stanley
The Shining and parts of Dumb and Dumber were filmed here.

Home - Tulip Beginnings

Home - Tulip Beginnings

Home - A Common Visitor

 General Conference Thought

General Conference treat was created by Hurricane.
He made a treasure hunt to find them.

We found a rug!
This space is now defined!