Monday, March 20, 2017

Birthday, Work Progress, and Paint

Sweetheart writes:

How the weeks fly by! I cannot remember everything that has happened since we wrote last. I'll just try to do a few highlights.

Last week at work I had an idea for a new project. My boss liked the idea and he helped me write a one page proposal. It was funded within 48 hours and I have already ordered the hardware for my new project. The project is small, but it's great to have my own little program. This sort of thing would never have occurred at Raytheon.

A few weeks ago we went to a nursery to learn about what grows in here in Colorado. I was sad to learn that the only cherries we can grow are sour-pie cherries. I was hoping for sweet cherries. We can grow strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. We assembled our garden beds on Saturday. We're excited to start growing things here.

 We finally ALL got into our hot tub. We've only been here 6 months. The hot tub is about 10 years old but everything works. We drained the water (it took all day!) and refilled it. We hope to enjoy it in the coming year.

 Underfoot participated in the Pine Wood Derby. He took third overall.
He researched and designed the car, and we worked on it together.
He's not competitive at all. ;)
His overall time was 222, which is the same number as our Grandpa Kirkham's LCI during WWII. We like the reminder that we have family rooting for us in the next life! Many thank to Craig Earls who shared his tools and expertise. We miss our Tucson friends.

I've started reading the Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy to Underfoot and Hurricane. At first they weren't very interested, but now everything they build out of Legos seems to be a submarine. It's been fun for me to read it to them. It is one of my favorite books.

Hurricane's baptism is going to be held on Saturday, May 27th. We are excited to host family and friends for that special event.

Wendy writes about Underfoot:

We only have 1 person in our house that is still in the single digits for age.
Last Day as a Single Digit
Underfoot celebrated his birthday!
He asked for a Lego cake. He wanted either a Lego head or a whole Lego man. I got to choose which cake. I also decided to try making and using fondant.
It turned out okay. Underfoot was surprised and liked his cake.
We missed our Tucson friends because they couldn't come help us eat the cake. We invited new friends to come and eat it. Sweetheart took the rest of the cake to work the next day, and it was gone.

Underfoot performed in his first orchestra concert.
He went to a practice with 6 other elementary schools. He really had fun and said he wanted to be in the high school orchestra.

A few weeks ago I got a call from the school saying that they suspected that Underfoot had a concussion. We took him to the doctor, and it was confirmed.
He spent 2 days home and was on academic and recreational restriction by the school for 2 weeks. He spent time sleeping.
We made cookies. Underfoot hid them in his bed for easy access.
The hardest was he couldn't read. He had no screen time. He's better now.

Now something else besides Underfoot....

We painted 1 1/2 bathrooms. YAY! The boys were so happy the purple bathroom is a different color.
After - Print from Grandpa Hoggan. Two Grandpas were Navy men.
When we showed them pictures of our house, they said that the color needed to change.
Funny boys. There isn't much that is girly around here.

We had a surprise visit from my parents.
They flew into Denver on a layover. We went out to the airport and talked with them for an hour! What a great blessing!

We've attended 2 free food events. IHOP hosted a free stack of pancakes day.
It was the perfect after school snack. Today was Dairy Queen's free cone day. We are so happy the DQ here participates because we would miss it from Tucson.
The reality is that after we ate our cones we were cold here.

Spring break has begun, and we got the Mile High Cultural Pass. It has 7 museums. We hope to see at least 5 of the 7. Today we went to the Colorado History Center. We had hoped to go to the Denver Mint but must get in line by 7 am to get a tick into a tour.
On our way home we saw this telephone booth. I had to explain it to the boys.

Be Well!

I finished my photo class. 
This was the final assignment picture.

Before they devoured their pancakes.

The top of the Lego cake was what made it okay.
Plus there was a bunch of powdered sugar.

Another piƱata similar to last year.

The cake turned out pretty.
Why not have pictures of 2 cakes?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Birthday Surprises!

Sweetheart had been stressing what to do for my birthday. A new decade could be seen as a big deal. He wanted to arrange for a surprise. He did help with a surprise beyond all surprises. Scott, my brother, said that he was going to spend his birthday with me. Scott and I share a birthday.
Everyone of my family members decided that they would join in the surprise.

Wednesday night late Sweetheart said that he was going to work because he couldn't sleep. This in itself isn't a strange occurrence. He just doesn't sleep well. I passed out and tend to sleep very deeply when not being chased. At 12:45 am Thursday morning, a song woke me - "Happy Birthday!" I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or what. My parents had flown in for a surprise. It took me a while to register what was happening. Fifteen minutes later I was down stairs and more awake. My parents were thinking that their coming was a mistake. I was surprised and overwhelmed.

The next day Sweetheart worked, the boys went to school, and my parents helped me hang pictures on the walls. Little did I know that more surprises were in the works. I went to photography class. Behind the scenes, Sweetheart picked up Aaron and his baby from the airport. His wife was coaching at a soccer tournament in Arizona. My parents took the boys shopping for a present. I didn't know about the behind the scenes. Sweetheart brought me home. The door bell rang, and Aaron and Chucho were at the door. The doorbell rang again. My Dad had ding donged ditched and thought he was so funny. The doorbell rang again, and everyone was in side. Katie and her 3 children were at the door. I started to cry. I was amazed that she would drive from Missouri with 2 little ones and a newborn.
Scott had called and said that for his birthday he was skiing on ski patrol in Idaho. He said that his family would join him on the slopes. The doorbell rang again. It was Underfoot this time. He thought he was supremely funny! Around 11:30 pm the doorbell rang again. Scott and Jill with their girls came. What an AMAZING surprise!

I said the boys needed to go to school to take their tests. Katie said she had just driven across Kansas, and they didn't need to go. The boys stayed home to play with their cousins. The girls and boys split up. The girls went and had their nails done
and then shopped at the thrift store.
The boys went to Cabella's. The boys looked at all the neat stuffed animals, fish, and gear. We ate lots of good food. For supper we went to a local place called the Parker Garage.

After dinner we stayed up late talking. On Saturday we went to a local car museum and then went swimming at the Parker Recreation Center. We topped it all off with a late lunch at Red Robin.
I took my parents to the airport. Scott and Katie headed for home. Aaron stayed until Sunday afternoon.
We had 17 people in our house for 3 days. What a great 3 days!

Hurricane really didn't want to go back to school after the party. His Mom made him though even with complaints of wanting to throw up. He did throw up at school and stayed home for the next 2 days. One of those days was Valentine's.
He had previous chosen cards which he filled out, and I delivered to school. We even took a gift to the custodian for helping Hurricane.
Underfoot's class made in house Valentine's and drew a person's name in class to bring them breakfast. He wanted to bring something additional since in all his school years he had brought something. He ended up bringing fun size packages of M&Ms.

That night we held a manners dinner with a salad, main course, and dessert course.
The table was set with lots of goldware and china. We laughed together and toasted a bunch.

The boys were out of school Friday and Monday. They read,
cleaned house, practiced the piano, and helped with canning yummy syrup.
We made 4 1/2 gallons. It will be so much easier than making it every week.

I spoke in church on Sunday about keys to bringing a family closer to Christ. I shared the different points found in The Family: A Proclamation to the World.
Be Well.


 I was holding a mirror above my bed.
The decision was made to put the mirror there.
I bounced off the bed.
The bed broke.
My Dad is fixing our bed.

 This is part of the broken bed.

 Aaron is taking a picture of himself.
He's the lone man with his birthday in another month.

 Lemon Pie - The candle got blown out multiple times.

 Chucho is wearing the remains of the dinosaur pinata.

 Aaron and Chucho - Denver Temple

 Chucho didn't want to nap with all the action at the house.
By the time he got on the plane, he was exhausted.

 Valentine's Manner Supper - Salad Course

  Valentine's Manner Supper - Cordon Blue, Broccoli, Mixed Veggies, and Fruit

Valentine's Manner Supper - Vanilla Cake Ice Cream Roll
(Chocolate Ice Cream, Caramel, and Almonds)

Cracked Wheat from the Pressure Cooker
It just looked pretty.
John is a new monkey.
He's been restuffed, holes repaired, and VERY LOVED.

The treat was hot for Harry Potter reading.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Felt Monsters

The boys decided to make felt monsters.
In the process, they pulled out every piece of felt that we owned. The results were darling.

The Blue and Gold Banquet was last week for Cub Scouts. International flavors were shared from beans and rice, pot stickers, almond cookies, lasagna. One of the cutest things brought was a rice crispy sushi with gummy fish and fruit roll ups. Underfoot finished a belt loop, his first since we moved. The evening was fun with goofy awards for leaders and many different rank advancements for boys. After cleaning up, I taught a the Citizenship in the Community merit badge for the troop. It made for a Scout filled evening.

I went to a lecture for parents by Lisa Van Gemert who spoke about emotional intelligence and how to cultivate it for children. I enjoyed the lecture very much. She took the points of her lecture from a man named Daniel Goleman. He wrote a book called Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.

Sweetheart gave me a photography class. I attended the first session last week. The class went through a basic history and then shutter speed. The class is 5 weeks long. Sweetheart participated in a Chili Cook Off at work. He took a pot of white chili. He didn't win. We are starting to get to know people in our congregation by having them come to our home for supper. Sweetheart took out my stitches out of my back.

We attended a birthday party for Sweetheart's friend, Brandon.

We brought a checkerboard cake to share.
The cake was really delicious.

One night Hurricane got a really painful ache in his side. He couldn't stand up straight or walk. He tried to get hydrated and threw up on me. That's always a bright spot in a parent's day. Hoping there is no throw in your coming week.

Be Well.

 Hurricane enjoying his robe.

I hung my necklaces.
They are organized and untwisted.
 This is the assembly of the checkerboard cake.

Hurricane and I colored online.