Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Super Moon - 2018 - Week 5

At church they are offering classes to help people with self reliance. Four courses are being taught - Starting and Growing My Business, Personal Finances, My Job Search/Find a Better Job, and Education for Better Work. I decided that I was interested in Starting and My Business. There was an orientation meeting with all the groups. Hurricane wanted to attend the class with me because he has ideas for businesses and wants me to do the work. The meetings was 2 hours. He lasted for 1 hour and asked for his Dad to come pick him up. The course runs for 12 weeks.

Sweetheart didn't learn to swim well when he was a child. This week he started taking swim lessons before work in the morning. During the week, he practiced the skills he learned. He has made comments that he thinks he might like swimming. The 3 of us who do like to swim are excited that he will learn to swim.

We pulled out the telescope to look at the Super Blue Blood Moon. We woke up the boys early and to look. Hurricane wanted to look until it was time to go to school.
We have a lot to learn about how to be better astronomers. Any suggestions would be helpful. We need to learn the constellations better.

The first battle happened for Battle of the Books Battle for each team. Both teams did great! Hurricane's team  won their battle.
Underfoot's team lost by one question. They will compete again the next 3 weeks.

I am no longer the Assistant Cub Master. I have been being 2 deep leader in the Bear den for the last 4 months. I am now in the Bear Den. It's great!

After the last blood draw, one more blood test was needed. The test is called AHM - Anti-Müllerian hormone. This hormone helps with conception and pregnancy. If the number is low, conception is very low or not possible.

For the past few months, I've been working on an application for the Daughters of the American Revolution. I went to the Family History Library to get a marriage certificate for my great-Grandparents. The Family History Library has documents that can be accessed only there. I have one more document and have the application complete. My Mom has expressed interest in being a member of DAR. My Grandpa Glen was a member of Son of the American Revolution. By doing this work, my Aunties and cousins will have an easier path if they would like to have members.

Underfoot had an eye appointment. He has as near perfect eyes as possible.

We've been reading a book called The Joy of Less by Francine Jay. Sweetheart loves the concept. I'm more hesitant. The concept is to be more tidy and less cluttered. The boys cleaned out some of their stuffed animals one night after Sweetheart read the book to them.
They made a belt with some of their animals. On Saturday we cleaned out our main floor closet. We donated 8 coats, table clothes, other odds and ends, and returned some of our nephew's things we've had in our closet.

We were invited for fresh tamales because Carmen got the baby in the Rosca de Reyes bread.
The tradition is whoever gets the baby hosts a party with fresh tamales. The evening was spent in Spanish. The boys got to watch television.
Carmen made fresh flan too.

Be Well!

Daily Photo - Missionary Quilt

 Daily Photo - Fort Collins Temple

 Fort Collins Temple

 Waiting for the Verdict

 Sinking in that they won.

 Regaining composure.

 Daily Photo - Gamma Rae's Quilt

 Daily Photo - Geese in the Field by our House

Daily Photo - Sunset

Snow Sculptures - 2018 - Week 4

On Saturday, M. Russell Ballard, Ronald A. Rasband, and Ulisses Soares had a training for stake presidents, Area Seventies, and Mission Presidents. The next day our stake had a stake conference with K. Brett Nattress. He taught about President Nelson and he operated on his brother's heart. He followed through with how President Nelson he has healed hearts physically for a career and now he will help heal hearts to come unto Jesus Christ. He also said that they as a family raised animals to raise children and had a commandment garden because the garden didn't grow very well.

Hurricane wanted to go to a fireside about a man who converted from Judaism about 4 years ago.
He talked about how experiences he had in life had brought him to the point of conversion. He shared that his father was a Jew, his mother was of a Christian faith, and Catholic nuns assisted at this birth. He said it was a very religious filled room. Hurricane enjoyed the fireside and was happy to be there. Evie Claire, who competed on American's Got Talent, sang at the fireside. She also sang at this man's baptism in Arizona. They have a special friendship.

On Sunday, we had snow. For Monday they had a delay start to school. Hurricane had books he needed to finish for school club that competes called Battle of the Books. Underfoot participates in a similar club and had questions to write for his team. For Battle of the Books, a participants reads 10 predetermined books and then competes against other schools in the area. We decided to have a Snow Day and read books all day. The boys enjoyed it. By bed, Hurricane had finished almost two books. He was put to bed at 8:30 pm. At 11:15 pm, he came to our bedroom and said he finished the second book. He liked the second book better than the other book.

We had a family come for supper and ate Carrot Chowder. The son kept saying how much he liked the soup. When the Mom got home, she asked for the recipe. We adjust the recipe every time we have it and added to the soup this time chicken instead of beef, cauliflower, onion, corn, chili powder, and turmeric.

The boys' school hosts a Doughnuts with Dad event. I went  the day before and helped pick up the food. The men went to the event that morning.
 They ate doughnuts, sat with their friends, and had doughnuts for lunch.
I helped and cleaned up and took the extra doughnuts to the police station.

The boys played in a basketball game. No one got hurt, and they really have improved from their first game.
The boys are really wonderful defenders. After the game we came home and prepared to go on an adventure.

Breckenridge Snow Sculpture were a lot of fun! We drove up and were grateful to be going the opposite direction of the traffic. When we arrived, we got on the free bus so we didn't have find a parking spot in town. The bus took 30 minutes to get to the drop off. It was cold. We were so happy to not have to walk the 2.5 miles to get there. When we arrived, all of us went to the bathroom. The women's line was considerably longer. While in line, I met one of the sculptors.

We walked around and saw these amazing sculptures.
They had a sculpture catered toward children with a trampoline and slide inside. Sweetheart found an iPhone X. We went to call the owner's Mom hoping that Siri was on and would call when another phone call came to the phone. It was the owner looking for it. He was really happy to get it back.

After we looked at the sculptures we got hot chocolate and came home. We had a lot of fun.

Be Well!

 Our Supper for Breckenridge

 Family Photo

Family Photo

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mutation - 2018 - Week 3

There was no school on Monday for Martin Luther King Day. Underfoot had a cough but wasn't contagious. The boys went and played at a friend's house.

On that day, Sweetheart and I went to an appointment to learn more about my hormones and clotting factors and why we had been miscarrying. We learned that I have a missing marker called C677T which means that I don't have the enzyme takes inactive folic acid and makes it active folic acid. It's called a mutation. I don't think I'll qualify to be one of the X-Men though.

I inherited one good copy and one bad copy that’s called “heterozygous C677T.” Some of the consequence are multiple pregnancy loss, clotting issues, and cardiac problems. This is an article that gives a good explanation. We learned that some of my hormones are low because of age. The possibility for a full term pregnancy is low. There is always a chance, but it is still low. It's an answer. Now to work through the emotion instead of trying to go around the emotion together as a couple.

Underfoot stayed home on Tuesday because he was still coughing quite a bit. I went one day to volunteer and a little boy in the class was coughing a lot. The teacher was doing her best to stay healthy and avoid the spray of germs. I wanted Underfoot to be better before sending him back.

A specialist came to repair an teach Sweetheart about the pianola and tune the piano again. We learned that the pianola was slow and needed to be repaired. We learned that between the 1/2 note piano keys there is a unit of measure called 100 cents. It is to say how flat or sharp a note is. The whole piano was 40 cents flat. He tuned the piano a little sharp since the strings will relax a little bit.

Sweetheart attended an HOA Board Meeting and walked out as the President of the board. I think it will be for a year.

Underfoot started the orchestra at the school he is attending. He will do both orchestras - public school and charter school - since he made a commitment. He's excited.

On Saturday, the boys set up chairs for a stake conference that was happening. They played a basketball game and had team pictures taken as well. The game didn't go well. There was a lot of double teaming toward the boys' team. Underfoot really struggled with what he thought was unfair referring.

Sweetheart attended a fireside in the evening for the youth that President Ballard, Elder Rasband, and Elder Soares. One thing that was taught that we should put our phones down and have conversations with each other.

Be Well.

Recreating a Picture

Tree House

Snow Dusting

Snow Dusting

Reading Passion

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Arrow of Light - 2018 - Week 2

When we moved to Colorado, Sweetheart has become reacquainted with two different mission companions. One of the companions married a sister from the mission after their mission. She was the strictest rule follower on the mission and only became interested in Lance's companion after the mission. On Sunday we were invite to their home for supper and enjoyed getting to know them and their children. We brought crust-less pumpkin pie because the wife doesn't eat gluten. She said that it was wonderful.

Sweetheart asked if we would have allergy testing done after he received his results. In December, we had our blood drawn. I went for a pin-prick test to see if I was allergic as well. The allergist was completely surprised when she looked at my arms, and there was nothing - absolutely nothing.
The boys on the other hand are similar to their Dad. They are allergic to the native plants and trees, nuts, wheat, corn, soy, and Underfoot is allergic to the latex panel (a latex panel is bananas, avocados, kiwis). Hurricane's test results were incomplete and needed to have another blood draw done. He went on Friday, and the pediatric phlebotomist took his blood which was so good since he was very nervous. We will wait and see what comes back for Hurricane. We learned that they can have allergy shots to help them.

I planned a Women's Clothing Exchange. Women brought their clothes here to donate or share with other women. The next day women came to "shop" for new clothes for themselves. The clothes will be donated to a refuge or women's shelter. I did this in Tucson a few years ago.

Cub Scouts
 - Pack Meeting - Arrow of Light - Underfoot has been working toward completing his Arrow of Light for a few months. He interviewed with his Webelos leaders as per the requirements. The interviewing process is to help the boys prepare to work on merit badges and have board of reviews.

Underfoot was so excited that he was bouncing around before school, after school, and during Pack Meeting. My Mom wrote the Arrow of Light program that she used for the Webelos in her Pack.
It talks about 7 virtues that are found that the Stripling Warriors had developed that we hope that Underfoot will develop. The attributes are courage, honoring parents, fighting with the strength of God, being firm and undaunted, obeying with exactness, having faith, and trusting in God continually. He was so very happy.

 -  Cub Planning Meeting - I attended our annual Cub Scout planning meeting. The Pack has planned a lot of fun activities like the Pinewood Derby, Scouting for Food, Rain Gutter Regatta, and Day Camp - lots of activities to look forward to participating in.

The basketball camp head responded and said he was sad that the camp turned out the way it did for the boys and wished he had known earlier to correct the problem.

Last year we had planned to go to the rodeo. It didn't happen so we made sure we went this year. The boys were excited to go to the rodeo.
We were joined by the Eckert family. The school district published a deal for entrance and supper. The boys watched all the events and asked lots of questions about how and why.
One of the bull riders was thrown and hurt. He wasn't wearing a helmet. He did walk out of the arena. It made for a good discussion about being safe.

On Friday there was no school for a teacher's day. As a side note, there is no school on Monday either. Underfoot woke up sick and stayed sick for the weekend. Hurricane played with a friend who withdrew from school over the Winter Break. He had a lot of fun at his house.

The boys started on their recreation basketball team this weekend. Since Underfoot was sick, Hurricane played in the game on Saturday. He said he had an okay time and was playing for the treats.

Be Well.

Orange Rolls from Leftover Rosca recipe dough

Orange Rolls in the Oven

Pack Meeting

Rodeo with the Eckert Family



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